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Stevia Extracts

Our history and expertise are longstanding. For the past decade, we’ve supplied consumer product makers with high purity stevia extracts. This excellent tradition provides a strong foundation and innovative path forward. Our comprehensive range of stevia ingredients are used to create great consumer products in the food, beverage, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical markets.

We control a sustainable, vertically integrated stevia supply chain. You receive quality, transparency, confidence and performance.

 Our Sustainable, Integrated Supply Chain Expertise

Proprietary Farming Network


    • Long-term contracts with exclusive farmers and large agricultural companies


    • Ensures maximum quality, reliable supply and stable costs


    • We develop our own stevia varieties


  • Our growers target specific steviol glycosides

Science-Based Agronomy


    • Non-GMO


    • Greenhouse leaf propagation


    • Consistent leaf quality


  • Stable leaf cost economics


  • Total traceability from farm to customer


  • Environmentally sustainable, Socially responsible

End-User Focused Manufacturing


    • We own a state-of-the-art extraction facility that utilizes proprietary, cost-effective manufacturing processes


    • Optimal steviol glycoside separation and high purification


    • Consistent product quality from batch-to-batch


  • Superior taste profile delivers the product experience consumers demand

Vitosa® Natural Flavors and Stevia Sweeteners

HB Natural Ingredients has introduced the first three Vitosa® products to maximize formulation and marketing positioning options: Vitosa® Active, Delight and Match.

Vitosa® natural flavors are specially designed to provide unique flavor modification properties that can be used to impart, enhance or modify the flavor profile of a wide range of food and beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

The Flavor Extracts Manufacturers Association (FEMA) has issued GRAS approval (generally recognized as safe) for Vitosa® natural flavors, which can be labelled as a “natural flavor” on finished products.

Vitosa® stevia sweeteners offer a more cost-effective sweetener solution that enables a 100% sugar reduction in various food and beverage products. 

Stevia Leaf Extracts

  • Rebaudioside D (Reb D) - highly purified 95% content level
  • Rebaudioside M (Reb M) - highly purified 95% content level

Our Reb D and Reb M stevia leaf extracts offer superior advantages in product formulation, natural product positioning, and cost-efficiencies for a wide range of sugar reduction applications. Each can deliver the type of smooth, clean, sugar-like taste that consumers desire in their food and beverage products. Our stevia leaves are specially cultivated and grown to significantly boost the content of sugar-like-tasting steviol glycosides Reb D and Reb M. 

  • Rebaudioside A (Reb A) - 50% to 99% content levels
  • Organic Rebaudioside A (Reb A Organic) - 50% to 99% content levels
  • Rebaudioside B (Reb B) - highly purified 95% content levels
  • Rebaudioside C (Reb C) - 20% and 30% content levels
  • Stevioside (STV) - highly purified 80% and 95% content levels

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