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Licorice Root Extracts

Licorice originates from the genus Glycyrrhiza, a plant that has 20+ species. There is a centuries-long tradition of consumers using licorice extracts for a variety of applications including as a sweetener, in confections, as a flavoring additive (modifier and potentiator) and in traditional Asian medicine.

While our name is new, we’ve been supplying consumer product makers with outstanding specialty licorice ingredients for nearly a quarter century.

Our Sustainable, Integrated Supply Chain Expertise

Natural, Wild-Sourced Licorice Roots


    • Natural, organic, sustainable, non-GMO licorice roots


    • 3rd-party certification


    • Sourced from pristine growing regions in Asia and the Middle East


  • Sustainable root harvesting ensures survival of plants

Quality Assurance Control


    • Roots botanically identified, cleaned and dried post collection


    • Roots shipped to our state-of-the-art processing facility


    • After extensive quality assurance screening and testing, roots are cleared for processing


  • Our raw material inventory ensures supply consistency and security for our customers

    Detailed Processing Know-How


      • We select and strategically blend from extensive inventory of licorice root and semi-finished extracts to meet flavor profile and quality needs


      • Our team controls entire production process, including: grinding, extraction (time, temperature and pressure), concentration, purification, drying, packaging and labeling

      Comprehensive Range of Licorice Extract Ingredients

      Well-suited for multiple, consumer product applications

      • MAG (Mono Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate)
      • Licorice Extract Spray Dried Powder, Granules and Block
      • DGLE (De-Glycyrrhizic Licorice Extract)

      Licorice Certifications and Approvals

      • Manufacturing: ISO 9001 and ISO 22000
      • Product: Kosher and Halal. Meets USA and EU Regulations for FDA GRAS 21CFR184.1408 and EC No. 1334/2008

        Download – Licorice Extracts Product Sheet

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